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Keep things official with umpire and referee gear

When it comes to sports, it is not just the athletes who need to be prepared for the games or other competitions. Umpires, referees and other officials must have the right equipment to do their job.


We offer a variety of high quality apparel and accessories for a range of sporting officials.

Look the part and handle the job

Having professional, official equipment ensures the umpire or referee stands out among the others in a game or competition so the appropriate amount of attention can be given to what he is saying and doing.


In addition to looking the part with the right apparel, umpires and referees must have what they need to stay safe and do their job, including safety equipment, masks, ball bags, whistles, down indicators, and flags.

Customize your gear

Give your officials' gear a personalized touch with customization including screen printing and embroidery.

Gear for the game

• Polo shirts

• Pants

• Hats

• Uniform shirts

• Masks

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